Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reza Ruygari: Expectations Have Risen Towards Religious Cinema

Reza Ruygari: Expectations Have Risen Towards Religious Cinema

Reza Ruigari the main actor in the series of Mokhtarname has stated in an interview with the Journey of Love festival: “Today Holywood spends a substantial amount of money to promote and facilitate the production of historical films that fill the markets. Our people watch these films and their expectations rise towards Iranian historical and religious films. In my view the main challenges that we face in this particular field is economic, since this genre of films are very expensive to make. Television and state media usually do not have the financial means to support the production of such films. There are a number of directors who are skilled in producing these films, such as Dariush Mirbagheri in the production of Mokhtarnameh.”

He later added in his remarks: “On the other hand there are sensitivities about the making of these films as their content is usually rather delicate.”

He continued while highlighting the similar red lines in cinema and television: “Such red lines pose serious challenges to filmmakers in cinema; screenplay writers should be able to write freely about these issues. This will raise the popularity of such films and there will be adequate return on investment.”

He finally said regarding the Journey of Love film festival that the Arbaeen Walk would be a good subject for a film festival which can led to the production of higher quality films in the future.

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