Terms and Conditions
There is no limit on the number of entries to the festival.
All legal accountabilities lie on the applicant who completes the entry form.
The received material will first be viewed by the festival committee and those in line with festival themes will be passed on to the jury.
Once a material has been approved for competition it can no longer be removed.
A certificate of acknowledgement will be given to all the entries approved for competition.
The festival will not be held accountable for possible damages to the material due to ineffective delivery.
Submitting the entry form means that the applicant has read and accepted the festival regulations.
The festivals organizing committee will make decisions in case of unforeseen circumstances. 
The material delivered to the festival secretariat will not be returned.
*Incomplete application forms will not be processed.
Regulations for films and other television series
It is necessary that each material be submitted on a single DVD to the festival secretariat.
Every approved film for competition must submit a Blu Ray version to the festival secretariat.
The name of the director and the film as well as the running time must be included.
Only one award will be presented to those films with more than one producer, director or screenplay writer.
To participate in the festival the entry form must be completed and signed by the legal owner of the film and submitted along with 3 screenshots and one personnel photograph with the director’s name to the festival’s secretariat.
The festival’s organizing committee would be allowed to display 3 minutes of each film for the promotion of the festival.
Screenplay regulations
One copy of the screenplay must be submitted to the festival on CD or through our website in the form of a PDF file with A4 paper size and 21 lines with the font size of 14.
Photography regulations
Every photographer can send up to 5 photographs to the festival’s secretariat.
Photographs must be in JPEG format with maximum size 10 megabits and a minimum of 1800 pixels for the smaller side.
The photographs should not include signatures, frames, water marks or logos.
If the quality of the submitted photos is not sufficiently high for printing a higher quality file will be requested. 
The organizing committee holds the sender of the photograph accountable for any possible discrepancies.
The festival reserves the right to print the photographers’ names and publish their photographs in books, brochures or magazines related to the festival. 
There are no restrictions in this section and the public can participate. 
Photos in the public section can be emailed or uploaded on the festival’s website.
Each individual can send up to 5 photographs related to the Arbaeen pilgrimage or the martyrdom of Imam Reza (pbuh)